Resolutions 2021: You win this time | April update

Note: I know I’m posting this in May, I basically wrote almost all the post on April 30th, but I didn’t finish and took the first week of May as a vacation.

Today is the last day of April, and it has been hard to keep up with everything. April didn’t improve compared with March I have had some personal stuff going on that usually lefts me without the energy to do as much as I want, so today I declare that Math won the round, and I’m going to remove it from the upcoming updates.

Continue learning Japanese and take the N4 certification test (I’ll try to skip N5 and hope for the best).

I’m continuing with Wanikani and Minna no Nihongo; there isn’t much to talk about. I haven’t leveled up in Wanikani, but I lowered the reviews I needed to do.

Continue learning math, I already finished my math courses in college, but I want to learn more theory behind all stuff and strengthen my current knowledge.

You win this time! | You Win This Time! | Know Your Meme

So basically, I didn’t do anything during the month, even if I’m not working yet (I quit Oracle, and I haven’t started yet with Facebook), I haven’t given myself a specific time to study math. This month I did nothing related to this because of some personal problems I had, so I preferred to use my free time to keep myself distracted and as relaxation time.

So yeah, I don’t think I will continue with this resolution. If something changes, I will talk about it in the coming months.

Be more active in writing here my learnings, experiences, and thoughts.

So during April, I post a total of 2 posts! The first one was about how I created my own site and how I decided to migrate and update technologies:

The second one is basically a repost from a blog I created on my first site, but I abandoned it. I just made some corrections and cleanup before posting it here.

In May, I plan to post at least one personal post besides its corresponding reflection of the month and two school-related posts.

Obtain my English certification (I need at least a B2 to be able to graduate from college)

My college department in charge of this completely ignored me. I need to look at how I’m supposed to do this exam, if I can do it anywhere or I need to do it with my school, or how everything will work.

Finish my last internship successfully at Facebook

I have a team assigned!

One month left before my last internship starts!

Finish college (I expected to graduate in December 2021!)

There is one month left of this semester, and I don’t see any reason why I won’t finish all my classes with at least 90 out of 100 (I’m really expecting 3 out of 5 to obtain 100).

What’s next?

I decided to quit Math, so I’m just planing to continue with Japanese, and in June, I will be starting my internship, so I’ll have less time for everything, so let’s see what happens during May!

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