Lean and Mean?

It sounds like a diet, or maybe some kind of weird and aggressive technique to lose weight. I read this term in the Deadline Novel, and I was like, "what are they talking about?" "Organic Well Lean Noodles..." by coutaskdwfv https://flickr.com/photos/185642019@N06/49106899981 is licensed under CC CC0 In the novel, they satanize this term, for a … Continue reading Lean and Mean?

Reminder alert: Another meeting in 5 minutes

"Staff Meeting" by ljguitar https://flickr.com/photos/ljguitar/7697808370 is licensed under CC BY If you've ever worked in any kind of software project, you've experienced meetings. Depending on the size of the project or the place you've worked in, you may have experienced the useless meetings that are only consuming programming time.  In college, I usually have some … Continue reading Reminder alert: Another meeting in 5 minutes

Another way to not reach the deadline

Over the past few posts, I've written about what project managers usually do that may cause the project to be finished even later than was expected.  Today I bring to you: Overstaffing "All Dressed Up :)" by Thru My Shutter https://flickr.com/photos/185261736@N07/49141762121 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND If you're a manager, the project you're managing is … Continue reading Another way to not reach the deadline

Mediation is simpler than negotiation

All people have negotiated at least once in our lives, from simple negotiations like trying to get a better bargain. Even in these simple negotiations are hard, trying to persuade the other person to agree to our demands is difficult, even impossible. "negotiations" by hectorhannibal https://flickr.com/photos/hectorhannibal/3121816753 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND Negotiation involves a discussion … Continue reading Mediation is simpler than negotiation


Wikipedia defines this term as: "Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms, politics or being like minded" The psychologist Solomon Asch did an experiment to understand how people are capable of conforming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyDDyT1lDhA These types of things happen in all kinds of situations, and it's essential to understand that … Continue reading Conformity