Resolutions 2021: End of the semester | May update

Today is June 1st. I didn’t notice that May ended yesterday until today, so that’s why I’m doing this post in June instead of the last day of May.

Yeah, June 1st 😢

Continue learning Japanese and take the N4 certification test (I’ll try to skip N5 and hope for the best).

I’m continuing with Wanikani, but I didn’t give myself time to continue with Minna no Nihongo because this month was basically doing final projects at school. As I continue, I think I may be able to do and pass an N5, but no N4. I hope to have more time during the internship to continue with the book.

Be more active in writing here my learnings, experiences, and thoughts.

This month I was really active in here, mostly because school, but I really have fun writing some of the posts I did.
A personal reflection about my status on the TC3045 course at Tec de Monterrey.
This post is mostly about rules and models that can be used to improve the software development cycle!
I really loved this post and have lots of fun writing it. If you are reading this and only have time to read one of the posts here, please read this one!
Here I wrote about software development tools that can help maintain the quality in the different processes involved.
A small tutorial I did and resources I followed about DevOps!

Obtain my English certification (I need at least a B2 to be able to graduate from college)

I received an email from my school about I’m graduating next semester, and that email said that I need to have all my requirements done (like the certification). So I finally contacted more people, and it seems I may take this exam in July directly with my college, it depends if they open dates or not, I will update any news the next month.

Finish my last internship successfully at Facebook

My tech is going to arrive tomorrow! No sign of my swag 😭

Finish college (I expected to graduate in December 2021!)

I don’t have my grades yet, but I don’t expect any grade below 99 out of 100! (I’m looking to get Magna Cum Laude honors during my graduation)

What’s next?

I’ll focus on my internship, doing my best in it and using some of my free time to do Minna no Nihongo!

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