Software Quality: The tools to do the right work

What to bring to a fight

Software development is a profession where the least you need is a computer with a notepad and a compiler (or interpreter). Yes, I can create a hello world using only this (as done in every intro to programming course). Still, I can't imagine working on these gigantic problems with humongous interfaces and complicated interconnections without having an IDE that helps me autocomplete, marks syntax errors, and can give me documentation about the methods I'm trying to call.

How can mobile technology give people the power to build community?

Because I wrote a post about my site's architecture and its evolution, I was looking at the old one through the internet archive, and I looked that I actually posted some stuff in my original blog. The only important thing is the one I wrote about this topic. This essay was originally submitted for my FBU application in 2018. I only did some edition and cleanup because from that time to today, my English has improved a lot, but the whole idea and structure is the same.