Resolutions 2021: An Ok Month | March update

March was an Ok Month. I improved in Japanese but haven’t really done anything about math. The last few days have been really hard, personally speaking, but I hope April will be a better month.

Continue learning Japanese and take the N4 certification test (I’ll try to skip N5 and hope for the best).

The reviews are growing again (please send help!)

But hey, I’m almost done with the level (only 14 kanjis left).

But besides these pending reviews and lessons on Wanikani, I finally started (continued) with my grammar. I’m using Minna No Nihongo, and I’m using the OneNote app on my tablet to take notes and use it as my notebook.

Yeah, my writing is horrible, I know

Currently, I’m in chapter two (as you can see in the pages from the image above), I hope to really finish the book by the end of the year, but that’s only my hope.

Continue learning math, I already finished my math courses in college, but I want to learn more theory behind all stuff and strengthen my current knowledge.

I’ll love to just skip this section, but I need to have a record for myself. Nope, I haven’t done much about this. I continued with Polya’s book, but I haven’t even finished it. I continued with the Discrete Math course, but I haven’t finished it either (but everything I have watched is stuff I already knew, so nothing really productive from that side).

Be more active in writing here my learnings, experiences, and thoughts.

Hey, two new posts! Both posts are related from one of my college courses, but I’m writing, so it’s something:

Here I wrote about what is software quality and some methods used to guarantee it.
My reflection about my learning so far in the course!

The drafts are continuing to grow, now I have 5 drafts (4 without this post), and I really want to start finishing those drafts:

Obtain my English certification (I need at least a B2 to be able to graduate from college)

I sent an email to my college department that is supposed to be in charge of this like two weeks ago… they completly ignored me 🙃. I need to look for some other email, or someone I can ask directly.

Finish my last internship successfully at Facebook

No updates, waiting for team match!

Finish college (I expected to graduate in December 2021!)

Finished the first partial of this semester, no real updates, my grades so far are great!

What’s next?

The problem I see: I’m not improving about my math resolution. The solution I propose myself is to see how I do during april (end of first quarter), and if I see no improvement that means that I need to rething if I’m really going to continue with it or maybe I just should focus more in japanese or other stuff.

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