Resolutions 2021: Am I even doing something? | January update

This past New Year’s Eve, I decided to set some resolutions for 2021 and was really hoping to do them (some of them aren’t even optional). To force me to do something, I decided to document what I have done since every last post, my original objective was to do this weekly, but I’ve been really busy (I’m too lazy sometimes).

I’m lazy but organized! (I should set deadlines for other posts too)

So let’s review each point on how I’m doing and see what’s my plan on improving

Continue learning Japanese and take the N4 certification test (I’ll try to skip N5 and hope for the best).

I’ve been wanting to learn Japanese since like 6 years ago, I’m really interested in the culture and everything that involves Japan, but I was too lazy to really focus on learning. I tried once memrise, and I was consistent for like 5 months, but then dropped it. Like in December 2019 I finally decided to start learning seriously this new language and through 2020 I started using several tools, and looking for my own way of learning.

I found that that I needed a way to learn grammar and learn vocabulary, for the first I didn’t found anything rare, I decided to use the book Genki, and for the vocabulary and kanjis I found Wanikani, and I must say that this last tool has been amazing and has really motivated me to learn more vocabulary, even to the point that I stopped my grammar learning to focus on my vocabulary for a while.
This is the Wanikani’s mascot, a cute crabigator <3

And this month, I must say that I didn’t advance much in my Japanese studies. I have had a lot of work and really little time. But the few time I have had, I’ve used to review my vocabulary, because currently, as I’m writing this, I’m behind my reviews by a lot:

My normal would be to have less than 200 reviews pending per day :'(

My plan for February will be to reduce that number to zero and start doing a new lesson! Also, I’m planning on starting learning grammar again (I think I know enough vocabulary to use it), so I’m looking if there is a more compatible tool for me to learn it because I’m simply not into learning languages through books.

Continue learning math, I already finished my math courses in college, but I want to learn more theory behind all stuff and strengthen my current knowledge.

I don’t want to talk about this 🙁

Ok, I’ll talk. At the beginning of the month, I started to look into learning math, I created a “to-do” list of books to read, but work attacked, and I just didn’t make any time for this.

I started reading “How to Solve It” by Polya and started watching a course on discrete math on youtube to remember what I learned in college and start to start diving deeper into the subject, but that’s it, I just started the course.

In February, I’m planning on finishing Polya’s book and to start reading a calculus book, and I’m planning on giving myself more time for finishing that discrete math course.

Be more active in writing here my learnings, experiences, and thoughts.

Hey this is a post, that I’m writing in this blog! I’ll call that progress 🙂

I have a few drafts that I started writing or just put the ideas of what I want to write about, but I need more time. I hope that by the end of this week or maybe next week, I’ll be posting about my site’s architecture, and I want to talk about remote learning.

Obtain my English certification (I need at least a B2 to be able to graduate from college)

So… I’m still procrastinating on this, but the good news is that writing here helps me on practicing my English. I’m using Grammarly to help me correct my bad grammar. So even if I haven’t done the certification, I’m practicing.

I’m really not going to write about this in the next updates until I have a date for the exam, and I’m preparing myself more seriously.

Finish my last internship successfully at Facebook

So… the only news I have for this one is that I’m starting in June this year, and it’s going to be remote again (cries in the corner).

Finish college (I expected to graduate in December 2021!)

Basically, I’m just finishing a college course this coming week (Professional Ethics), and that will put me in the situation where I’ll be missing just 8 more courses. For the spring semester, I’ll be taking 5 classes, so for the next one, I’ll just have three and a lot of free time!

So for this resolution I’m really doing great!

What’s next?

My plans for this year haven’t really changed, and I’m really hoping to have more time for Japanese and Math, but we’ll see :).

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