Management is not exactly a cerebral science

Mr. T., now as the general manager of the project, has to hire his managers for the different projects. And as his own human resources department, he has the frustration of going through all the resumes.

“paper piled” by Ampersand Duck is licensed under CC BY-NC

Everyone would be overwhelmed with that amount of resumes; Mr. T was no exception. He decided he needed someone to help him, so he talked with his assistant, and he suggested the first option of Morovia for Mr. T’s position, that person wasn’t abducted, but she preferred to live the bag lady life there in Morovia.

Belinda Binda, was living near the harbor, and as every conversation there, it started with management stuff. And the conclusion from Belinda was:

Management is not exactly a cerebral science

Belinda Binda

And with this in mind, the conversation continues on the importance of being the right person as manager:

Lead with the heart

“Hearts & Minds” by Los Paseos is licensed under CC BY-SA

It is essential to build trust and a good relationship with your team. That way, you know that when you need their best at work, you can trust them.

There is a good (small) research about this here.

Trust your gut

When you have a sense that something is better than it looks or worse than it appears, that’s our guts. And it is important to consider it most of the time, at least when being a manager. Some things on paper may look somehow sketchy (in a good or bad way), and the experience one has maybe the game-changer on some scenarios.

Build soul into the organization

This means creating an atmosphere where healthy interactions have their best chance to appear. There are different ways to obtain this, but the important thing is to achieve this feeling among the team. This point goes hand in hand with leading with heart, so don’t try to do one without doing the other.

Develop nose for bullshit

“lies” by ranjit is licensed under CC BY-NC

So your gut is telling you something is wrong, and after that, you look carefully, you may find the bullshit in whatever the situation may be. Your experience is essential for this point, and sometimes there is not enough time to get this experience, so it is also important to try to learn from your peers or basically from others.

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