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Yeah, you read right, Silikon Valejit, and nope, I’m not talking about the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California. I’m talking about Silikon Valejit in Morovia, somewhere near Greece (maybe).

Some island somewhere around there! This faithful representation was created by me thanks to google maps and paint!

Morovia is your common and (not that) friendly Soviet country that abducts people when they need some manpower for the projects. Besides this, thanks to their excellent education system, they can produce 1,500 software engineers certified as level 2 or higher.

A paradise you may think, and that was what our friend Mr. T. though too. After been abducted, he waked up in this new country and got all this information. So basically, he accepted the job. Maybe he really wanted, or perhaps because his cat was also abducted, and it was already liking Lahska (the spy who caused all this).

Personal Journal of Webster Tatterstall Tompkins Manager

Lahska gave Mr. T this Journal, so he could keep track of everything. Because his work was not only going to be about developing the projects for the country, but also he was going to experiment with people (only psychologically, maybe not wholly legal but he had the power to do it).

No much time passed before something was wrote by Thompkins in that diary:

  • People can’t embrace change unless they feel safe
  • Change is essential to all success
  • Avoiding risks is fatal
  • People can be made to feel unsafe by direct threats, but also by the sense that power may be used against them.

These conclusions were not direct results from his experiments, but a conversation with a constructor that was trying to build new facilities to this beautiful land. This person was under threat from the Nation’s Noble Leader (spoiler alert, the NNL is someone we all know). So Thompkins basically calms him down and instructs him on how to do his work and that himself (Thompkins) would take all responsibility.


“Dictator” by Albert Dobrin is licensed under CC BY-ND

So basically the NNL was a common soviet country, with its own dictator and all that kind of stuff, but… Bill Gates arrived and decided he wanted a country, so he bought everything.

Yeah, the Bill, we all know. He wanted a place where the people wouldn’t say no to him, so what better than being a dictator of a country. This got a bit out of control when he threatened the constructor of wanting his head on a plate if he didn’t finish on time. Mr. T save him on this because he was actually not that bad as a person as it may seem (in the book or real life).

Mr. T. concluded something significant from thisfrom this:

If the target doesn’t get met, you may actually have to make good on your threats.

Webster T. Tompkins

So, basically, after the introduction of the not so enigmatic character, Bill wants Tompkins to finish the projects the best way he can, and Bill will manage all the business affairs of the project.

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