Programming for food

As a Computer Science student, it is always about coding, but almost all of us programmers are afraid of everything that is related to business.

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And I completely understand why we tend to avoid all of this, is basically to much information to learn besides the information related to our own career.

The economics on software engineering can be classified in different branches:

  • Software engineering economics fundamentals
  • Life Cycle Economics
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Economics Analysis Methods
  • Practical Considerations

And if we follow the “Software Engineering Body of Knowledge” (SWEBOK), those are only the first level branches (if you’re interested on this look at its chapter 12).

It may be difficult to understand everything but is important to grasp at least the surface, but even the best idea needs business to grow and obtain income. This is not only “for profit” organizations, but is important to have a good control of money even in “not for profit” or “government” organizations to allow the business to grow.

At the end this is something that I think everyone knows but at the end, as engineers we need something to reinforce this ideas, to not just try to create something at the end but to obtain profit from it.

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