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Testing the post

Testing as a lifestyle!

The test-driven development is a methodology of software development (but it could be used in other kinds of subjects too), where the first thing you do is create the test that defines what your code needs to do.

You know those tests are going to fail, but with them, you know for sure what you need to do.

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Testing the post

I already talked a bit about this in a past post (it is in Spanish, sorry English speakers), in there I spoke of a methodology I listen about in class called: Test && Commit || Revert

I still think that that thing is crazy, but I’m eager to try it at least once, maybe in my next project.

This methodology works based on TDD, but with a little twist, it should pass your test for every bit of code you write. If it fails, you revert everything until your last commit. This creates two things (besides driving you nuts) to force you to develop small specific tests and create small specific commits.

A (not so) funny story

The funny thing about all this is that I tried to start testing in the current project I’m working on, but I realized that I didn’t have time for it. In the end, when trying to build, one of the tests was deprecated (I changed an interface), so my only easy alternative was to delete it:

And kids, you’re not supposed to do this. This is an example of what no to do

So now what?

So yes, testing is difficult in the sense that you need to be used to it and have the patience and dedication to continue working on them even on a deadline, something I was incapable of. Still, I’m dedicated to improving all this.

-Is the post completed?

Testing the post

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