ISO? ISO! && Don’t forget the client

When we write code we may think that while doing the modeling parts and all the stuff I’ve been writing here is more than enough. But there exists this little organizations that loves to creates standards for everything: ISO – International Standards Organization.

Basically in their infinite free time they decided to create standards to define a good quality software. The funny thing is that a lot of the things it may seem obvious but at the end of the day you may be tired of a project and just trying it to finish it just to deliver it (yes, I’m looking at myself and all my classmates in our different college courses).

For example this is the ISO-9126:

Retrived from wikipedia

The different points that are defined may be obvious, but it seems that us programmers tend to not follow them so ISO created a more specific norm ISO-25010:

A maintainability model for software quality
Retrieved from wikipedia

And like these norms, there are a ton more just and is not bad to check them sometimes through the development just to make sure we are following everything.


We just finished the project we have been working on for months (we even verify our code with the ISO norms). We are really excited to show it to the client, and after 15 minutes of demo, the client interrupted us and told us that the project is not doing what it needs to do.

Meme created by me

This has never happened to me (fortunately) but is not uncommon for this to happen. So besides verifying is important to validate that what we are doing is what the client really needs.

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