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But here we are going to finally understand how everything I have been posting (mainly the UML ones) can help when programming.   

If you remember, if you read my posts, in the last one, I talked about how the UML diagram helped in creating a database structure, but besides this, we also need to create the software required to use this data.

To create this, there are a bunch of diagrams to abstract the information, but at least I think you may need some kind of representation of the data from your database.

Actually, the name of the diagram, “Class Diagram,” comes from the classes in Object-Oriented Programming. You can check this video to know more about it: 

When you create a class, you define its properties or attributes and its functions (how is going to do things). This is basically the concept of the class diagram.

On professor in high-school once told me that I could use software to transform my diagrams into code if I made my diagrams good enough, so that way, I would save work while creating documentation. I’ve tried, and the software I used hasn’t been good enough for what I want, but maybe, it is good to consider this because it may be bee what you need sometimes.

A part of a project of mine, again in Spanish

If you see this diagram is basically the same as the one from the database post, but there are functions at the bottom and the symbol at the start represents the type of data (private, public) in the class.

The idea of writing code of this is pretty simple knowing OOP, the most complicated thing would be the relationships, but thanks to the pointers’ idea, we know we can save the pointer to the other class in the relationship.

At first, everything may sound a bit complicated, but with practice, it becomes easier!

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